City To Explore Sidewalk Replacement

WARREN TAYLOR | Citizen Staff

Paris City Manager Daron Jordan and City Attorney Bryan Beauman briefed the City Commission about a proposed sidewalk repair/replacement program on Tuesday, March 23.
The program would be modeled after a similar one implemented in Midway, Kentucky.
“I think that the way it operates best for Paris, adopting the Midway model, would you all [the city commission] would solicit bids much like you would for a roadway,” Beauman explained. “The contractor would submit what it would be [the cost] to break up the old and repair the new. You kind of have a finite cost that you are going to have and then you would allow property owners to apply to be part of that.”
The city said in the proposal that a property owner would be required to pay half the cost of the project and there would be a set dollar amount the project could cost. Other requirements would be that the applicant owns the property and cannot be in arrears over taxes, fees or utility payments.
Jordan gave an overview of how the process would work for applicants: “They would have to complete the application … The property owner must pay their share prior to work beginning.”
He also said that the commission would reserve the right to designate certain areas of the community for priority consideration.
The commission will consider and vote on the program at its next meeting, but sidewalk repair cannot come soon enough for Paris resident Lauren Biddle.
“Something that I have been noticing, I am an avid runner and I run every single day for about 30 minutes, whether or not talking about construction, the sidewalk situation in the city of Paris is super dangerous,” she said to the commission.
Biddle said that she has “fallen three times” in the last few months because of deteriorated pathways, including a spill that required her to get an x-ray on one of her knees. She also said that construction on Cypress, High and Main streets is making it difficult for pedestrians to not only exercise but also commute to work on foot.
She remarked that her chief concern about the sidewalk situation is “that there is going to be an issue with somebody getting hurt significantly.”
Other Business
•Mayor Johnny Plummer received authorization to execute a notice of award and future documents relating to the hiring of Independent Excavating to relocate utility lines along US 460.
•The Bourbon County Fire Department requested and received permission to start the request for proposal process to resurface the driveway and parking area at Paris Fire Station No. 2.
•Firefighter/paramedic Kendall Williams was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. Kendall has been with the PFD since 2014.
•The fire department will soon have a new firefighter, Tony Roland. He holds EMT and CPAT certification.
•Lucas Spear will join the city water plant as a full-time operator.
•The Paris Water Distribution and Wastewater Department was granted permission to begin the request for proposal process to acquire a new dump trump.
•The commission approved $252,971.92 in general fund claims and $180,123.40 in utility fund claims.


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