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CKVS collecting items for pets in Eastern Kentucky

Eastern KY have suffered a devastating catastrophe.  Many individuals and organizations have stepped forward to collect supplies for the many people that have been affected by the floods.  Central KY Veterinary Services will begin accepting donations this week to take to Eastern KY flood victims.  As a veterinary hospital, CKVS would like to focus on animal related needs.

The Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association is currently gathering information from shelters and Veterinarians in Eastern KY as to the local needs.  CKVS will make trips as necessary to get items to the areas in most need.

They will modify and adjust this list as needs change.  Some of the staff at CKVS have volunteered to go and provide veterinary care if/when that need arises.

Anyone wishing to donate may drop off items at the clinic during business hours. If anyone wishes to make a monetary donation, items from this list will be purchased and distributed.

Immediate pet needs include crates/carriers, dog and cat Food (small bags that can be carried easier), food and water bowls, leashes and collars of all sizes, towels/bedding.

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  1. Brigitte M Foote on August 3, 2022 at 1:05 pm

    Hello, I and my staff work with animals at the University of Louisville. Are there volunteer needs for the animals in eastern Kentucky? Are there specific locations that we can contact someone in charge?
    We are collecting many of the above mentioned items to donate.

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