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New company reduces health risks from EMF

PAUL GIBSON | Citizen Staff


Dan Short, Paris inventor/entrepreneur is making news again. His new company, IONX, can produce a variety of products that can diminish the dangerous health risks associated with the increase of electronic devices that impact everyday life.
Short has a history of successful inventions that are in line with his personal goal to find solutions to everyday problems and make significant improvements to the environment. He started his career at Kentucky Textiles and became known internationally with his work in fabric and yarns. In the 90’s he invented the sharkskin fabric that enabled the U. S Olympic swim team to create international furor because the sharkskin swimsuit allowed the U. S team to achieve improved speed measured against the standard fabric of the day. Today, the sharkskin fabric and similar products are used in swimsuit competition, world wide.

Dan Short

More recently, Short invented a repellent product that is widely recognized as a successful way to repel mice and rodents from damaging equipment, wiring in homes and the general nuisance generated by rodents in homes and businesses. His mouse tape is used to wrap wiring in farm equipment, motor homes

and on wiring anywhere mice are prevalent. An additional product, Mouse Balls, repels rodents who seek attics and indoor spaces to take up their residence. A squirrel patch is very helpful in repelling these animals from attics or other indoor spaces where they can do major damage.
The repel products are not toxic and come from Earth materials used in his products. They are safe around children, pets, etc. Many of the repel products are manufactured in a Carlisle Plant.


Projected as a potential global supplier, IONX is now a reality and in the process of delivering the first products that will repel the potential health damage caused by electromagnetic radiation, (EMF)
EMF is a reality in everyday life. Electronic devices are prevalent in homes, hospitals, airplanes, autos, businesses, etc. The expansion of the electronic infrastructure exposes every family member to EMF since electronic devices, microwaves to televisions, all emit EMF.
The health hazards of EMF are well documented. The World Health Organization has designated EMF as a carcinogen. Modern medical research has identified EMF as a factor in many health related illnesses. EMF is considered a factor in the diagnosis of cancer in both men and women.
Extensive laboratory work has been done in the research and documenting evidence of the IONX capacity to repel EMF. The FCC has certified that IONX blocks EMF.
Exposure to EMF, based on medical research, can damage functioning of human cells and contribute to health conditions associated with alzheimers disease, infertility, brain cancer, cardiovascular problems along with a host of other health problems.
A recent survey indicated that the awareness of the dangers of increased EMF exposure has motivated people to take steps to lessen the exposure to EMF in their homes. For example, turning off all electronic devices at night is a choice that some are making.
The development of both apparel and coating materials for surfaces by Short is considered a breakthrough. IONX yarn can now be used in the production of clothing, underwear, etc. to provide protection against the growing environmental hazards that are attributed to EMF.
Ron Roach, President of Contempra Fabrics, said that, “I think the future of IONX is very bright. I can’t imagine that a single bra or underwear made in the future will not have IONX.”
A separate product, easily installed on cell phones, is projected for early 2024. Research indicates that EMF is a health risk and cell phones pose added risks because they are hand held devices and often used for hours each day in the close proximity of a person.

“This is the best one I’ve ever done,” said Short of his IONX invention that is patent pending. The yarn and coating formulas offer virtually limitless applications and are destined for national recognition and use in dealing with the continued proliferation of electronic devices and impact of EMF.

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