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9732 Bourbon Countians cast ballots in general election balloting

JIM BRANNON  | The Bourbon County Citizen


In an unprecedented environment Bourbon County voters cast their votes in local, state and national balotting Tuesday.

Some of the unofficial local highlights included the race for Paris City Commission. Based on the unofficial balloting, Wallis Brooks led with 1796 votes with the top four to be elected to the commission. Unofficial balloting was as follows:

Wallis Brooks                1796

Holli Gibson                  1622

Stan Galbraith     1587

Angela Roberts   1541

Tim Gray                       1537

Hardy Dungan     1335

Ralph Quillen                 1326

Anna Allen-Edwards        1214


For Millersburg Council Kevin Hopkins led all vote getters for the six person council with 152 votes. Others with the top six to be elected were as follows:

Kevin Hopkins    152

Ethan Jackson     145

Juliet Hopkins    143

Tom Randolph   113

Michael Jackson  39

Joshua Smith                   28

Barker                19


In North Middletown, Larry Stevenson led three write in candidates with 176 votes; Jason George had 14, Connie Stamper had 10, and Stephen Eades received 7 votes for the four member commission.


For Paris board of education, Angela Plummer received 1552 votes and Bruce McDonald received 1163 votes with both elected to the board.


For Bourbon County board of education, 6th district, Tuck Talbott led with 33 votes followed by Mike Lunsford with 32 votes and Jennifer Arnold with 24 votes, with the top finisher elected to the board.


In the partisan races, Donald Trump won Bourbon County comfortably over Joe Biden by a 6185 to 3292 margin in the race for U.S. President. Mitch McConnell on his way to reelection won by a margin of 5804 to 3473 for challenger Amy McGrath. Congressman Andy Barr on his way to reelection defeated challenger in Josh Hicks in Bourbon County by a margin of 6459 to 3009.


State Senator Steve West carried Bourbon County with 6731 votes to Libertarian candidate Bryan Short who had 1915 votes. State Rep. Matt Koch carried Bourbon County over his opponent, Todd Neace, by a margin of 6835 to 2640 on his way to reelection.

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