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Free Classifieds

NOTICE: The Advertiser does not endorse or verify any goods or services in the free want ads. We do not screen callers who advertise in the free want ads.

WILL DO: Computer repair, upgrades, home theaters, wall mount flat-panel TVs, cables run through wall, clean finished look, refs., your home/mine. 859-707-9921

WANTED: Places to dig up old bottles, will split 50/50. 859-749-7427

WILL DO: Landscaping jobs (mulching, edging, trimming, etc.); haul away scrap metal for free. 707-4290

WILL DO: Want to care for elderly, experienced and references.; clean houses, references., 8 years experience 707-3967 or 707-4290

NOTICE: Need to get your GED? 987-5863

FOR SALE: Jigsaw puzzles. High quality – 500, 750, 1000 pieces. All pieces are there. $16.00 each. Text 859-707-8549

FOR SALE: 2 plots at Evergreen Memory Gardens Cemetery lot 8, sec B, spaces 3 and 4 in Garden of the Christus section. Call Helen Brown for more information at 859-991-2865

WANTED: Experienced person to assist and more with electrical wiring. Call 859-621-9829

WANTED: Old whiskey barrels, Civil war artifacts. Call 859-624-1819

WANTED: Wood burning COOK Stove we want to buy. Text/Call or leave voicemail at 859-473-3829

FOR SALE: 3 spaces in North Middletown Ky Cemetery on Thatcher’s Mill Rd. Section H – Lot 282. Each space is $700.00. Price is negotiable. Email Or leave your name and message at 859-559-3196

FOR SALE: Hay. Mixed grass/alfalfa hay. Bryan Station Road. $65 a bale. Call 859-983-3909

FOR SALE: Black Jersey Giant Rooster, 1 year old. To a good home. Can send photos. Call 606-209-2270

FOR SALE: 2015 Chevy Cruze. Call 859-377-1674

FOR SALE: 2013 Hyundai Electra. Call 859-377-1674

FOR SALE: Firewood. Call 859-377-1674

FOR SALE: New foam mattress, $75. Call 209-559-0754

WILL DO: Mowing and weed eating. Reasonable rates. Fully insured. Call 859-621-1101

FOR SALE: Home answering service for phone. $100.obo.Call 859-953-5262

NOTICE: PRAYER for you or someone else Text/Call Please leave message if no answer at 859-473-3829

WANTED: HONEY bees. We are looking for swarms. Text/Call or leave voicemail at 859-473-3829

WANTED: PIGS, we want to buy pigs Text/Call or leave voicemail at 859-473-3829

FOR SALE: Sale or trade for agate marbles. Call 859-624-1819

WANTED: Fire Brick we want to buy fire Brick text/call or leave voicemail at 859-473-3829

WANTED: Greenhouse or roof panels clear or tinted we want to buy. Text/Call or leave voicemail at 859-473-3829

WANTED: Cast Iron boxwood stove we want to buy. Text/Call or leave voicemail at 859-473-3829

WANTED: Roof panels we want to buy. Text/Call or leave voicemail at 859-473-3829

NOTICE: Jesus LOVES You & gives HOPE. Call/Text at 859-473-3829

NOTICE: The BIBLE speaks about the times we live in. Text /Call, if no answer, leave voicemail at 859-473-3829

WANTED: Old milk cans, 10k and 14k gold class rings, arrowhead collections, gold and silver coin collections, old peddle cars, and collectibles. Call 859-624-1819

WANTED: Large farm machinery, wheels, old farm tools, including axes, hammers, sledge hammers, etc., tools with Winchester, Belknap, etc. stamped on them, old John Deere tools with John Deere stamped on them. Call 859-624-1819

WANTED: Large boat motors, 90 HP and up pontoon boats. Call 859-624-1819

WANTED: Land to hunt on. Call 859-624-1819

WANTED: Anvils, single pitted and double pitted axes, 1 and 2 man saws. Call 859-624-1819

WANTED: Fossil collections. Call 859-624-1819

WANTED: Ammunition and hunting equipment, old fishing lures. Call 859-624-1819

WANTED: Metal 55 gallon drum, one end open, 859-221-8443

WILL HAUL: For free, appliances, mowers, heating and cooling units, aluminum, most unwanted items. 859-983-5445

FOR SALE: Electric range, with glass cook top, (top is cracked), fully functional, $25.00 859-533-8518

FOR SALE: Glass curio cabinets, call for price, 859-533-8518

FOR SALE: Figurines, an old man and old woman, over 50 yrs old, great condition. $15 for set. Call 987-0987

FOR SALE: One large granite kettle probably 4 qt  size,  vintage teal blue/white speckled, with 9” long handle, and in great condition except for one piece of granite missing about size of silver dollar. $25.00. Great collection item Call 987-0987

FOR SALE: Vintage hand made tin coffee pot, very old, with copper bottom made to set inside a burner of a old wood stove. I’ve owned it for 60 years but my guess is the piece is well over 100 years old, perhaps 150 yrs old.  $40.00 . Unique piece. Call 859 987-0987

FOR SALE: Centerpiece basket with fruit,  grapes, apples and some magnolia blooms. $25.00. Call or leave a message at 859-987-0987

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