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County Closes On Deal To Purchase 330 Acre Recreational Facility

In what was described as an historic Bourbon County event, Judge Mike Williams and Michael Hurter, who represented  owners of a 330 acre site north of Paris executed closing documents on the county’s purchase of the site proposed as a future recreational facility. Judge Williams said that the project was the culmination of a some three-year effort to secure a site for a multi-purpose recreational facility in Bourbon County.
Judge Williams touted the benefits of a suitable area for expanding recreational facilities. But Judge Williams also noted that the availability of suitable recreational facilities and programs is a key ingredient in the continuing effort to recruit industry and jobs to Bourbon County. In the picture at left , Michael Hurter and Judge Williams are shown signing closing documents. In the picture above, county officials, recreational and economic development and others who have participated in the project are shown at the closing. The closing was done prior to the Fiscal Court’s meeting last Thursday.

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