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Happy Easter To All Our Readers And Viewers!

This year, COVID-19 prevents us from gathering Sunday for church services or around the table for Easter brunch or dinner. And if the Easter Bunny hopped into our backyard to join the family Easter egg hunt, she’d have to wear a mask. Easter 2020 will be like no other, but let’s count our blessings. Thanks to the internet, here are ways to make the most of our first — and, we hope, last — Easter in self-isolation.

Embrace the spirit of Easter

Easter is a time to give back with acts of kindness to those in need and donations to charities that serve them. This year consider supporting one of the nonprofit organizations helping with COVID-19 relief efforts. With so many suffering, it is also a time to recount all that we are grateful for.

“Easter is about the ultimate power of love,” said the Rev. Mike Kinman of All Saints Pasadena. “Easter reminds us that love is stronger than our broken hearts, troubled spirits and ailing bodies. Easter reminds us that life will go on — and that love is always, always greater than fear.”
“We will get through this….together”
“Good things still happen in the midst of chaos”

Happy Easter

from the folks at The Bourbon County Citizen!

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