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New CODIG-19 cases rise to 274; four more deaths

From the Lexington Herald-Leader and Staff Reports

Gov. Andy Beshear Sunday announced 273 new cases of COVID-19 Tuesday, the highest number of new cases he’s announced so far, bringing the total to 2,960 and guaranteeing that Kentucky won’t be able to loosen restrictions for at least 14 days.

Beshear also announced four new deaths Sunday, bringing the state’s total to 148. At least 1,122 people have recovered from the virus.

“We’re not in the 14 days of decreasing under the White House guidelines to do certain things,” Beshear said. “We’re still in the midst of the fight.”

At least 13 percent of the COVID-19 cases reported in Kentucky have been nursing home residents. Beshear Sunday announced that 33 more residents of nursing homes tested positive and eight more nursing home staff members tested positive. At least 49 residents of nursing homes have died from the virus in Kentucky, around a third of the state’s total deaths.

Dr. Steven Stack, Kentucky’s Public Health Commissioner, has explained that it’s possible for people to test negative if they’re not displaying symptoms or if the test does not get a good sample. Stack said the state is working on getting the most reliable tests possible.

Beshear said the state is working to increase testing in nursing homes, but that he sees potential in nursing homes being able to open a “Covid wing” where residents who have symptoms are separated from the rest of the residents.

Until there is a vaccine or treatment of the disease things will look a lot different. Beshear said the administration will start highly encouraging people to wear cloth masks in public once the restrictions are loosened and that a lot of people will have to wear masks and gloves to work.

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