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Paris Police Chief Makes Statement On George Floyd’s Death

Minneapolis Police Officers involved in Mr. George Floyd’s death. The actions of those individuals have cast a shadow of distrust that has landed not only on the department involved, but on all law enforcement across our nation. I was shocked to my core when I observed this event and the images and videos which were captured by several witnesses. We condemn actions by any officer that are a violation of civil rights. Please understand the vast majority of law enforcement officers, including ours in the Paris Police Department, are honorable, dedicated public servants that serve with integrity and compassion.
As the Police Chief, I have reiterated to our whole department that such actions are not acceptable and do not demonstrate the high standard of training and ethics that we set within the department. The Paris Police Department will never condone, or tolerate, such behavior for those called to serve our community. However, when such instances arise in other communities, it gives us the opportunity to revisit our own policies and procedures to ensure that they reflect a high professional standard. A review was conducted immediately following our learning of these national events.
I know that our Mayor, our Commissioners, and our City Manager would agree with me that the willful, and blatant, disregard for the life of another demonstrated recently by the officers in Minneapolis will never be acceptable within the Paris Police Department. As your Police Chief, I want you to know that I take the responsibility of my position very seriously and am always available to discuss any concerns that you may have. I also give you my assurance that I will work diligently to ensure that we eliminate the potential for any unacceptable behavior occurring with the Paris Police Department. My commitment stills hold true for the Paris Police Department to continue the community policing which has made Paris a desirable city we all call home.
Chief Myron L. Thomas

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  1. Joshua lappin on September 29, 2020 at 9:37 am

    In that case sir i suggest you have a talk with office tucker and watch and listen to all footage because its pretty much like this inccident here.

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