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Voters Pick Top Eight In Paris City Commission Race

PARIS, KENTUCKY, JUNE 30, 2020 – Final election returns were released Tuesday from balloting in the Tuesday, June 23 Bourbon County primary election.
The returns from the Tuesday, June 23 primary, which included a large number of “absentee” or “mail in” ballots as a result of COVID-19, were not tabulated and released until Tuesday, June 30.
In the only local race on the ballot, voters determined the top eight finishers for Paris City Commission who will now appear on the November ballot, with four commissioners to be selected  by voters in that general election.
Shown in bold are the top eight finishers. The final two who were eliminated by the primary balloting were Zach Jones and Christie Overman.

Wallis Brooks     1123
Stan Galbraith     1006
Holli Gibson     916
Tim Gray     854
Hardy Dungan     837
Anna Allen-Edwards    784
Ralph Quillin    725
Angela Roberts    772
Zach Jones    600
Christie Overman     329

In other contested primary election balloting, Amy McGrath, was leading Charles Booker by a margin of 1504 to 1033 votes in Bourbon County with a host of other candidates also receiving votes. Media outlets were projecting McGrath as the winner on Tuesday in the Democratic Senate primary with the winner to face Mitch McConnell in November.
Also Josh Hicks was leading Daniel Kemp by a margin of 1958 to 954 in the Democratic primary for Sixth District Congress. Hicks was being declared the winner and will face Andy Barr in November.

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