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Linda Lou Reynolds

Linda Lou Reynolds was born on July 15, 1961, in Paris, KY, to the late James “Mack” McIntyre and Mabel Link (Day). On Monday evening, 18 October 2021, at Bourbon Community Hospital, Linda unexpectedly passed on.
This obituary may be a little different than what you are used to reading, because Linda was a different type of person. I’m going to try to show the essence of who Linda was, and I hope that by the end of this obituary you can understand the loss felt by all of Linda’s family and friends. I hope I can do justice to her memory.
Some of you reading this may have gone to school with Linda at Bourbon County High School, maybe you were even in ROTC with her. There could be a possibility that you saw her hanging out at Bourbon Bowl during her teenage years. But I’m guessing that many of you knew Linda from Speedway. That may sound weird to read if you didn’t know Linda, but if you knew her then you can probably picture her standing behind the counter, getting your cigarettes or lottery tickets ready before you even make it to the counter. Linda was a people person, and she loved her customers, well most of you at least, and she knew exactly what you came for even before you asked. If you have any doubt about what I am saying just ask Linda’s son Daniel Reynolds (Jennifer Reynolds) or her daughters Jaime McIntyre (Michael Johnson) and Angelina Reynolds (Wells) because I’m sure that each of them has heard about your daily visit to Speedway at one point in time or the other.
After Linda had left Speedway, you might have run into her out and about, wearing a blue t-shirt supporting the one and only Kentucky Wildcats, seeing as she hardly missed a game during basketball season. Being part of the Big Blue Nation is no easy task sometimes, it’s a lot of work wearing that much blue all the time, but Linda did her part. It ran in her blood, seeing as it was passed down from Mack and Mabel, so Linda passed it down to her children. That’s how tradition is born.
If you knew Linda, you liked her, and if she was your mother-in-law, surprisingly enough, you loved her. But if you called her Nana like Tyler Ritchie, Damien Johnson, Ethan Reynolds, Nathaniel Reynolds, Quinton Johnson, Mylei Wells, Hannah McCall, Amber McCord, or Justin McCord then you were lucky. Linda loved her grandbabies, and if you ever talked to her, chances are good you have heard her brag about them.
I don’t know too much about Linda’s life before I met her, but there are a few people you could ask to get a good story or two from: her brother George Robert McIntyre and her sister Georgia Ann McIntyre. You could also talk to Kimberly Clark, Linda’s best friend, who probably has a few stories about the good ol’ days.
As you have read, Linda lived a life full of love. Her resumé is impressive, not the one listing previous jobs, the resumé that really matters, the one filled with titles like: Daughter, Mother, Nana, Sister, Mother-in-Law, and Best Friend. Those titles may not pay loads of money or get you fancy cars, but they do pay in the most valuable currency… Love. Linda Lou Reynolds passed away as one of the richest people I have ever known.
So, if you’re not busy on Saturday, October 23, 2021, put on your fanciest blue jeans, and iron your best Kentucky Wildcat t-shirt, then head on over to Hinton-Turner Funeral Home between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

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