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Free Classifieds

NOTICE: The Advertiser does not endorse or verify any goods or services in the free want ads. We do not screen callers who advertise in the free want ads.

FOR SALE: 4 spaces in North Middletown Ky Cemetery on Thatcher’s Mill Rd.    Section H – Lot 282.    Each space selling for $750.00.   Price is negotiable.  Email  Or call 859-559-3196 to leave your name & phone number.

WANTED: HONEY bees we are looking for swarms. Text/Call leave voicemail 859-473-3829

WANTED: PIGS we want to buy pigs Text/Call leave voicemail 859-473-3829

WANTED: Wood burning COOK Stove we want to buy Text/Call leave voicemail 859-473-3829

WANTED: Fire Brick we want to buy fire Brick text/call leave voicemail 859-473-3829

WANTED: Greenhouse or roof panels clear or tinted we want to buy Text/Call leave voicemail 859-473-3829

WANTED: Cast Iron boxwood stove we want to buy text/call leave voicemail 859-473-3829

WANTED: Roof panels we want to buy Text/Call leave voicemail 859-473-3829

NOTICE: Do you feel hopeless or worthless, Jesus LOVES You & gives HOPE call/text 859-473-3829

NOTICE: The BIBLE speaks about the times we live in. Text /Call, no answer leave voicemail 859-473-3829

FOR SALE: Two plots at Evergreen Memory Gardens Cemetery, Lot 8, Sec. B spaces 3 and 4, in Garden of the Christus section, Call Helen Brown at 859-991-2865 for more information

FOR SALE: 2015 Chevy Cruze. Call 859-377-1674

FOR SALE: 2013 Hyundai Elantra. Call 859-377-1674

FOR SALE: Firewood $30/load. Call 859-377-1674

FOR SALE: Ladies Puff coat, Size Small, Black, with zip off hood, rib knit wrists under sleeves, machine washable, excellent condition. Very warm.  $12.00. Call or leave a message at 859-987-0987 for more information

FOR SALE: Ladies, Size 6.5 gorgeous Cowgirl boots, RED, worn only 1 or 2 times, like new.’ Just in time for Christmas party to go with your sequined party dress. Brand is Rampage. Asking $10.00. Call or leave a message at 859-987-0987

FOR SALE: Ladies size 11/12, Express brand, black leather jacket,  length come to just above knee. $8.00. Call or leave a message at 859-987-0987

FOR SALE: Nice vintage  framed picture of Covered Bridge, by Paul Lewis, from collection of Mt. Sterling National Bank. $125.00. Clean double matted, in nice frame ready to hang. The Bridge in the picture was on the Spencer Pike, Montgomery County. Call or leave a message at 859-987-0987

FOR SALE: Storage unit, stackable water and dryer, couch and love seat, coffee table and 2 end tables, small kitchen hutch, medium sized drop leaf table made late 40’s, early 50’s. Microwave, area rugs, pictures, maybe more. Will sell unit as a whole or individual pieces. Call 859-953-4261

FOR SALE: 1996 Barbie Stocking hanger, still in box, never used, $25. Call 859-435-0094

WANTED: Need someone to plan/build new house 1000 square feet. Call 859-321-9509

FOR SALE: A closet full of nice dressy clothes, suits, long skirts, nice dressy sweaters, blazers, pretty dresses, some dressy purses & low classic heels to match. Most clothes all are size 8 or Medium. Shoes are 7.5 Medium. These would make a nice wardrobe for a professional employee and to dress for  church, funeral, other dressy occasions. Some sweaters are dressy cardigans to wear over dresses.  Two nice suits have not been worn but maybe 2x each. I would need to set an appointment who would faithfully show up. Need to declutter closets.  If interested call or leave a message at 859-987-0987

WILL DO: Will haul for free appliances, mowers, heating and cooling units, aluminum, most unwanted items. Call 859-983-5445

FOR SALE: Antique Victorian Chandelier, frosted glass with brass chain. Call for offer at 859-707-2416

FOR SALE: Brass ceiling fan with light, $25. Call 859-707-2416

FOR SALE: Like new, medium lamp and shade, $5. Call 859-707-2416

FOR SALE: Folding metal bar stool, $5. Call 859-707-2416

FOR SALE: Small red table lamp, $5. Call 859-707-2416

FOR SALE: Two Pancake Syrup Pitchers, vintage, with celluloid lids, like Denny’s used to have. Lid on one is Yellow, other is orange. Good condition. Call 987-0987

FOR SALE: Two piece set of Federal Glass with fruit design, clear, heavy. $12.00 for set. Perfect Condition. Call 987-0987

FOR SALE: Centerpiece of  beautiful Large basket with fruit,  grapes, apples and some magnolia blooms. Good condition. $25.00. Call 987-0987

FOR SALE: Figurines, an old man and old woman, over 50 yrs old, great condition. $15 for set. Call 859-987-0987

FOR SALE: One large granite kettle probably 4 qt  size,  vintage teal blue/white speckled, with 9” long handle, and in great condition except for one piece of granite missing about size of silver dollar. $25.00. Great to add to a collection of other pieces the same color. Call 859-987-0987

FOR SALE: Vintage hand made tin coffee pot, very old, with copper bottom made to set inside a burner of an old wood stove. I’ve owned it for 60 years but my guess is the piece is well over 100 years old, perhaps 150 yrs old.  $40.00 . Unique piece. Call 859-987-0987

FOR SALE: Little basket with handle, with vintage cookie cutters,, tea biscuit cutters, tea ball. All for  $7.00. Call 859-987-0987

FOR SALE: Four pairs of nice ladies’ fashion boots, Size 6.5.  All excellent condition, 2 pairs same as new. Other 2 pairs gently worn. One tall pair riding boots (black/tan) $15 obo, worn only 2x. $15.00. One pair leather Worthington from JC Penney, brown color Slouch style $12.00. One pair Aerosole tall vinyl black zippered with heel, great condition $10.00. One pair New red Cowgirl boots 12-1/4” tall from top to floor, with 1.5” heel, $10.00. One pair of Cross Trainer Athletic shoes, black/pink, Size 6.  Excellent Condition. Brand Ryker. $5.00. Will make a good deal if you buy all or at least 3 pairs.Call 859-987-0987 or email:

FOR SALE: Size 6.5 Slip-Resistant Ladies shoes for restaurant/cafeteria/kitchen worker. Black, washable, Great Condition. Required for certain areas of employment. $8.00. Pickup at porch in Paris, Call 859 987 0987.

FOR SALE: Beautiful cherry handmade Keepsake Box. Beveled Top with hinges. Size is 12.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 deep.. $40 Pickup at porch in Paris. Call 859 987 0987

FOR SALE: 1990’s Christmas and New Year Barbie Dolls, in original boxes, never used. Call 859 707 8818 after 5 p.m. for more information.

WANT TO BUY: Large boat motors, 90 HP and up, and pontoon boats. Call 859-624-1819

WANT TO BUY: Old Whiskey barrels, Civil War artifacts. Call 859-624-1819

WANTED: Land to hunt on. Call 859-624-1819

FOR SALE: Or trade. Agate marbles. Call 859-624-1819

WANT TO BUY: Anvils, single pitted and double pitted axes, 1 and 2 man saws Call 624-1819

WANT TO BUY: Fossil collections. Call 859-624-1819

WANT TO BUY: Ammunition and hunting equipment, old fishing lures. Call 859-624-1819

FOR SALE: Brass ceiling fan with light, $25. Call 859-707-2416

FOR SALE: Firewood, seasoned and delivered. Call 859-707-4179 or 859-333-0878

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