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Piper Ellen Prebble

Piper Ellen Prebble, age 55, died September 28 at 4:17 PM, at the Hospice Care Center at St Joseph Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.
She was born June 12, 1964, at Baptist Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky to William Reese Prebble and Barbara Clay Whalen Prebble, both of Cynthiana, Kentucky.
She is survived by her father and step-mother Dursun Jan Prebble of Cynthiana; her sister Carrie Todd Prebble of Denver, Colorado; her aunt Barbara Ann Pearce of Palm Springs, CA; and many cousins and many friends.
She was a free spirit, traveling the world with a single suitcase. She lived in Australia off and on for 16 years. Piper was deported in 2012. Her Dad, ardent scholar of personal liberties, boasts that not every father has a daughter deported from a country and kicked off a continent at the same time.
Piper received her certificate in nutrition and graduated a Permaculture course in Bali, Indonesia. Baby cattle thrived under her care. She was first to jump off the high dive in 5th grade, which then shamed her older sister and cousin into having to do it too.
Piper loved to be barefoot and drive her car and visit her friends. Seven of her long-time friends, some from Aspen and Denver, were able to join her the last weekend during which Piper had planned to play but ended up missing.
We miss her.

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