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Fire Destroys Several Buildings In Millersburg

Fire destroys almost one whole block in Millersburg yesterday, June 22, 2022. That included three apartments , as well as the post office.

It was been a challenging day for firefighters – hot weather when the fire started, then a storm with gusty winds. A lot of civilians came out with coolers of water to help. First responders said that made a big difference for them.

While the firefighters battled the inferno for hours,  the park across the street became a viewing area where bystanders remarked that it could take months even years to build back if it is decided to build back. “There’s going to be a big old hole in the city.”

The buildings were close to or over 100 years old and memories and stories were being shared as viewer stood helplessly watching: Pawnshops, a veterinarian clinic., a movie theater…history that has gone up in smoke.

The buildings may be gone, three apartments destroyed, and several people without a home for now; but no one was hurt and the community will help them however they need.

This story will be updated both online and in next Thursday’s Bourbon County Citizen.

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