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March Is Designated Clean-Up Month For The City Of Paris

The City of Paris has designated the month of March as SPRING CLEAN-UP MONTH FOR CITY OF PARIS RESIDENTS.  Brush and Limbs will be picked up by the City Public Works Dept, curbside for one (1) week only, beginning on March 30th through April 3rd. This applies to brush and small limbs only. Other wood materials, large branches, and tree trunks/center-cuts will not be picked up. We ask that limbs/brush to be stacked with large end of the pile facing toward the street.
Heavy Trash will be picked up curbside for one (1) day only, on March 26th by Rumpke. Any questions or issues regarding heavy trash will need to be addressed directly with Rumpke by calling 1-800-828-8171.
City residents who wish to haul their own items to the City Compactor on Stewart Street may do so at no charge during the month of March. The Compactor will be open Monday through Friday 7:00AM until 4:00PM (Closed 12-1PM for Lunch) and every Saturday from 8:00AM until 12:00 Noon. This offer does not apply to any contractors, commercial accounts or non-City residents and proof of residence will be required.
Because of Federal and State regulations, the City cannot pick up tires, car batteries, liquid paint, and hazardous materials.  For information concerning their disposal, please call the State Natural Resources Environmental Protection Cabinet at (502) 564-6716.
The City reserves the right to limit excessive loads at the compactor.

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